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  • User Description: Home cinema, sometimes known as personal cinema or media rooms, are mini home entertainment sound-effects-oriented home cinema systems which aim to replicate a real movie theater atmosphere and ambiance with user-friendly user electronics-based audio and video equipment which are installed in a personal home or backyard. The concept of home cinema began with the invention of the electronic television, which revolutionized the cinema industry by providing audiences the ability to watch movies at home at cheaper rates than ever before. Today, home cinema is one of the most popular home entertainment forms. Most home cinema system enthusiasts agree that the biggest advantage of home cinema is the flexibility of the home cinema system; users can adjust almost all aspects of their home cinema system, including the picture and sound quality, according to their individual preferences. The other major advantage of a home cinema is the reduced costs involved.However, most home cinema systems fail to deliver their full potential due to poor quality components and other problems. Poor quality speakers can make even the best audio-video components of a home cinema system sound bad. Moreover, the size and shape of speakers can also have an impact on the quality of a sound system, since certain speaker packages are made to fit better in certain areas of a home cinema system room. In fact, there are special speaker packages for home cinema systems available in the market that are able to fit better in corners, thereby reducing the size of the speaker package.As a result, most home cinema enthusiasts prefer large LCD or plasma projectors over projectors with TFT display panels. Large LCD projectors tend to produce brighter images and colors, which improve the quality of movie watching. Also, large LCD projectors tend to produce sharper image resolution than the projected images on TFT panels. To complement the bright images, noise reduction microphones are also used in most home cinema systems.Another home cinema upgrade that most home cinema enthusiasts are tempted to make is buying a TV instead of sticking with the old CRT TV. Though CRT TVs is still popular among some home cinema enthusiasts, LCD TV's are slowly replacing them. LCD TVs are cheaper than CRT TVs and offer a sharper and colorful picture resolution. Besides, modern LCD TVs have very good picture quality when compared to older CRT TV's. The only downside to LCD TVs is that they are much more expensive than the CRT TVs.Home theatre systems come with the basic home cinema components such as home theatre chairs, screens, DVD players. However, surround sound systems are optional and you may need to get extra equipment for this. One of the most popular home cinema enhancement products that many home cinema enthusiasts love to invest in is a home theatre subwoofer. A home theatre subwoofer can improve the quality of the surround sound effects in the home cinema system by adding more sound to the overall music or movie sound effect. Other home theater enhancement products include surround sound books that helps add to the surround sound effect.AudioScaleurs does not stop at the home cinema chairs. You also need to buy a good quality video projector for your home cinema. projector is an important part of a home cinema system as a home cinema projector produces good quality video images every time. A good quality video projector should have a resolution of at least 3 pixels per inch. If your home cinema system has a video projector, it is recommended that you buy a video projector with a screen size that matches the size of your home cinema screen.Today, there are two types of home cinema projectors: projectors with built-in slimline tubes and slimline tube ones. Although slimline projectors are more expensive than their slimline counterparts, they are also more convenient and easy to use. Most of the slimline projectors are available in two models: those with a large screen and those with a small screen. A large screen model is ideal for large screen TVs while a small screen model can be used on smaller televisions such as plasma TVs.Once you have all the equipment, you can start creating your first home cinema. Although you can enjoy some films with just a large screen TV, there will surely be some movies that you want to be shown on a larger screen. For this, it would be best to set aside a dedicated room in your house where you can watch your favorite movies with all the necessary equipment. This is how home cinema enthusiasts can truly enjoy the enjoyment of seeing films in their home cinema.

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