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AutoHub Nigeria  - Terms of Use

You are advised to carefully read through these Terms of Use - for by visiting our website or mobile app, it would be taken that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms.

If you don’t understand the English language very well or at all, you may hire an interpreter or use the language translation option on our website.

  1. Introduction
  2. Content Policy
  3. Conduct
  4. Paid Ads
  5. Intellectual Property Right
  6. User Submissions
  7. Indemnity
  8. No Spam Policy
  9. Your Business Relationship With Others
  10. Account Transfer
  11. Qualification For Accepting Our Terms Of Service
  12. General Information


AutoHub Nigeria is the first Nigerian inter-business automobile company that presents you with myriads of opportunities to grow your business, maintain quality delivery and professionalism. We have come up with these Terms of Use to guide you.



Content involves all the information you provide to us in other to use this website or mobile app after our set standard. For example, your name, email address/password, phone number, profile image, acceptance of Terms and Conditions, the image of an item or items that you want to sell, description of such item, brand/make of such item, availability, location, price, the current state of the item, etc.

This information is useful as it will help us to keep a record of your account from the back-end and also for identification purposes, both for us, visitors, and a third party member. Similarly, the information on the item that you want to sell is vital because it guides a prospective buyer on choice making and also helps us with our corresponding promotional campaigns.

The security of the information you provide to us is guaranteed as we respect your privacy. Note: Don’t give your personal information apart from the item you want to sell to a third party as AutoHub Nigeria will not be held responsible for any privacy violation coming from a third party.


We respect your legal right so much and we expect you to return our respect through your conduct. AutoHub Nigeria is keen to provide world-class classified services to its users/members with a touch of professionalism and openness. As a result, conduct control is one of the measures we have taken to serve you better.

The following are the conducts that are prohibited by us, which must be adhered to, for a violator shall be legally prosecuted:

(A) No manipulation or use of email addresses, phone numbers, office/home addresses, etc. for registration other than your own. No use of false names or any other means of identification that is not verifiable.

(B) All ads must be available before posting. Thus, posting of unavailable ads is totally prohibited and any attempt to do this must be considered fraud and an offender will be sternly persecuted.

No exaggeration of ads as to mislead a prospective buyer: All ads must be detailed in the exact state as possible. No false use of images; any image uploaded on the site must be the image of the item that is available for sale. No stolen item should be sold using our platform. Thus, you are advised to have a good knowledge of the item that you want to sell before you advertise it on our website.

(C) There is a provision for comments and a chat-room on our website and mobile app. This platform is to promote sales and a third-party relationship. Therefore, upon using this medium, any damaging, obnoxious, illicit, threatening, harassing, profane, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, pedophilic, slanderous comments or statements are not allowed. All conversations must be constrained to business, as long as it is within the domain of AutoHub Nigeria.

Invasion of another user’s privacy or rights is irrevocably prohibited. No hateful, racial, ethnic preference is allowed. Business is without an enemy, as a result, all parties must be treated as one.

No money laundering or illegal gambling practice is allowed to be discussed using our platform. Similarly, sexual enchanting or harassment of any kind is totally prohibited.

(D) No advertisement of employment should be based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, etc. is allowed. All employment vacancies must be opened for all, and qualifications should be on merit. No false employment ads for ritual-prey or any malicious reason is allowed. An offender shall be prosecuted and dealt with accordingly. Thus, members/visitors are advised to have a good knowledge of an employer before accepting such an offer.

(E) No linked ad is allowed on our website or mobile app unless prior approval from us.

(F) No enticing of AutoHub Nigeria's employee for any gain, unless prior approval from us.

(G) AutoHub Nigeria has the sole right to block and unblock a partner at her discretion. Therefore, no attempt by any member to block or unblock his/her account or that of a third party is allowed. This action will be considered privacy infringement and an offender shall be prosecuted.



AutoHub Nigeria has a provision for Premium ads services. A premium ad is a platform that tops an advertiser’s ads ahead of other members for quicker assessment by visitors. AutoHub Nigeria at its discretion may charge a fee to post premium ads in any of our categories, on our website and mobile app.

Any such fees paid hereunder are non-refundable in the event when an ad is removed or an advertiser changes his/her mind. For this reason, any member that wants to use this platform is advised to contact our customer support unit for more information and guidance. Meanwhile, additional terms regarding Premium Ads will be stated whereupon necessary.

A third-party agent or an intermediary that wishes to post Premium Ads on our platform on behalf of others is advised to have prior approval from us by notifying us of such a transaction before venturing into it. AutoHub Nigeria prohibits posting Premium Ads for a third party without prior authorization. This measure is taken to perfect our ads verification exercises.



Upon being a registered member, AutoHub Nigeria will automatically grant you a license that is limited, revocable and gives you non-exclusive access for personal use. This license granted herein does not include any of the following:

(i) Access to post unverifiable ads.  

(ii) The collection, copying, and duplication of our service pattern.

(iii) The use of our IP address for internet data collection or for any activities of cybercrime.

(iv) Manipulation or unlawfully gaining access to AutoHub admin dashboard.

This limited license shall immediately be taken back by AutoHub Nigeria from any member/user that goes against these restrictions.



AutoHub Nigeria is a strong advocate in the fight against intellectual property rights infringement. For this reason, we stand against any act that goes against copyright’s policy on intellectual properties.

We forbid you from uploading any product on our website or mobile app without due permission from licensed owners. You are hereby advised to stay away from mutilating people’s trademarks or intellectual properties without prior permission to do so.



Upon reading these Terms of Use, we are certain that you have agreed to pay/take responsibility and not hold AutoHub Nigeria, its employee, and affiliates responsible for any fine, damage, prosecution, liability, etc arising from:

(i) Your violation of any provision of these Terms.

 (ii) Your violation of any third party’s right, including and not limited to copyright, trademark, trade secret, privacy right, etc.

(iii) If there is a claim that your Ads caused damage to a third party.



Upon reading these Terms of Use, we are certain that you have understood that sending unsolicited email advertisements or other unsolicited communications to AutoHub Nigeria email addresses or posting through AutoHub Nigeria social media is expressly prohibited by these Terms. We are certain that you have acknowledged and agreed that AutoHub Nigeria would periodically monitor your email usage, using human monitors or automated software to flag certain words associated with spam or scams in emails that are sent between one user and another using AutoHub Nigeria e-mail system. Any violation of this spam policy may subject the sender and his or her cohorts to civil and criminal penalties.



Upon reading these Terms of Use, we are certain that you have acknowledged and agreed that AutoHub Nigeria shall not be liable for your relationship with any organizations or individuals using our platform. This includes, but not limited to, payment and delivery of goods and services, pre-contract agreements, and any other conditions of service like warranties on products, after-sales service, etc. These dealings are solely between you and such organizations or individuals and AutoHub Nigeria shall not be involved or held responsible as the case may be. And in event of a dispute between you and your business associates, AutoHub Nigeria, its employees, or affiliates shall not be called upon for resolution.



Upon reading these Terms of Use, we are certain that you have acknowledged and agreed that AutoHub Nigeria imposes a limitation to what you can do with its services. This includes and not limited to an indiscriminate change of email address, phone number, office/home address, etc. Similarly, we would limit the size and number of images you can upload, the number of times that your ads can last, the number of times a dormant account can last, the number of times that premium Ads can last, etc.



AutoHub Nigeria prohibits the transfer of accounts of any sort. Under no condition should an account be transferred to a third party without due permission from us. You are hereby advised to inform us of such intent for a legal procession.   



Our services are intended only for adults and those that are eligible to contract as per applicable laws. Upon reading these Terms of Use, you hereby affirm that you are either at least 18 years of age, an emancipated minor or you possess legal parental or guardian consent and you are fully qualified to enter into these Terms of Use stated hereupon. A violation of this might attract severe punishment and immediate termination of an account.



AutoHub Nigeria is a law-abiding establishment that believes in decorum and legality. We have not come up with these Terms of Use to bully or take advantage of you but to ensure absolute maintenance of principles and orderliness in your activities. For this reason, we are expectant that you shall not violate any of these Terms, including our "Privacy Policy" for any reason. On the contrary, we implore you to report any violator to us via

Thank you.