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Billing Policy

AutoHub Nigeria  -   Billing Policy


A   -   At the moment, AutoHub Nigeria provides a free ad listing service for all members. Meanwhile, this Billing Policy is temporal and subject to change.


B   -   For members that would want to top their listing, AutoHub may use fee-based services in order to promote her advertorial campaigns for the purpose of increasing sales. However, we shall not be held responsible for the expectations and the results of the use of fee-based services. Nonetheless, we would explore all possible means to meet or beat your expectations.

AutoHub Nigeria offers Premium Packages and Top Ad Promo packages for promoting Users’ listings. Ads on ‘Top-Ads’ are placed in a separate listing row(s) over the ordinary ads. If a user orders and pays for a ‘Top Ads’ service, his or her listing will be raised over all free offers. They will be displayed on all pages of a column or a section or a region.

After the expiration of the term for which a user ordered a service of Ads promotion, he/she shall pay for such services again, if there is a need for renewal, being that we cannot automatically debit such a user.

A user shall be acquainted with prices for fee-based services, whereupon he/she may order such services. More detailed information about prices for all services is provided in relevant sections.

We also provide Advertisement and Branding services to users/clients.


 C   -   Methods Of Payment: Fee-based services can be paid for by means of a bank card. When selecting a specific fee-based service, a user will be automatically redirected to processor’s checkout page for entering of bank card details and payment will be made to a bank account provided by us. Other means applies too.

 All data entered by a user on a processor’s checkout page are completely secured in accordance with the safety standards requirements. We receive only information that relates to your payment and keep it private and secret.


D   -    AutoHub Nigeria reserves a right occasionally to alternate cost and determine the types of fee-based services. However, we shall notify you of such alternations at our discretion.

Thank you. 

Mr. Chika Joel

Head Sale/Marketing AUTOHUB NIGERIA