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  • Full name: touchcobweb48
  • Location: Aba South, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
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  • User Description: According to a report, a new Minecraft game is being developed and it may be a strategy game developed by the team behind Minecraft Dungeons. Although it's only a rumor that it is likely that a Minecraft RTS game is coming - could it be revealed at the Xbox Showcase during Summer Game Fest? In case you missed the news from yesterday, games journalist - and also a conduit for leaks and rumours Jeff Gerstmann has left Giant Bomb and going off on his own, but don't expect that to be the end of his mill of rumours. In a video on his own Twitch channel (via ResetEra), Gerstmann states that there's "a new Minecraft spin-off currently in development." Microsoft is apparently "testing it out" at the moment and Gerstmann has seen screenshots of it that suggest it's a real-time strategy games "of sorts." The player apparently manages a single unit on the field and can move units around "in a third-person view," which sounds similar to something similar to Overlord. It'll have "story and cutscenes" as well. It's not known who is creating it. Let it sing Minecraft Dungeons studio Double Eleven, which is currently working on Fallout 76, has job announcements for an unknown "major IP, RTS" game. This sounds like an incredibly coincidence. If you're wondering when this Minecraft RTS game will be announced, it's very likely it will be announced at the Xbox Showcase. If you're interested in knowing when that will be and the complete Summer Game Fest schedule, you can look it up at this link.

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