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  • User Description: Boskerfiction - Chapter 132 - The Quest Continues drag vessel recommendation-p1Novel-MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master-MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild MasterChapter 132 - The Quest Continues vagabond farmSchool : SwordsmanClass : SwordsmanLVL:43heroes of marvel novel fandom AGI : 250 VIT : 230james bond the hildebrand rarity These folks were very exited to find out how Rudra would cross the actual difficulty , and what the implications of his behavior might be on the continent.Charm :???I experience exited in the future. The grammar piece plus the inconsistencies during the text message together with the estimations all will likely be repaired produce a coherent and smooth going text message .Knowledge : MountainCrash , Defensebreak , Vigor cut , High legCharm :???Luck : 92 + 3 /100 ( Heavens preferred one's good fortune )Rise Of Evil Sword God Karna were scouting the hiest location for quite sometime now , and the workforce adjusted between scouting and farming for Exp for now .***** **** , Rudra cursed , there had been absolutely no way to combat these individuals head on , he wouldnt even last 5 secs. Rudra installed toned on the floor , the final thing he sought today would be to be found.unassigned stat details :10Condition : Wholesome ( strength potion ingested : timeframe still left 68 s )+23,00,000 EXP , you have conquered a creature above your tier , + 50,000 EXP!Hidden statsClass : SwordsmanTools : Pirate Armour fixed ( Lv 40) , Bracelet of posivity , Reimars band , Genuine Elites guild robe .Ofcourse the greatest partplayer was the Stormbringer spell which lowered the creature's HP by over fifty percent , or otherwise it would have been a close battle.the trail of the axe forbes ----Undetectable statisticsAttraction :???Good luck : 92 + 3 /100 ( Heavens selected one's good fortune )LVL:46A container load of Exp was offered to Rudra for wiping out the being.Rudra migrated forward in the passageway mainly because it cause the secondly ground balcony which had an enormous hallway under , following going into the deck , he saw 50 different tribes gents tied to a pole inside of a unique legend like layout with 50 edges. At the center in the structure became a gold pole , and on it was subsequently a very muscular and blonde our , who Rudra supposed to get the boy of Archangel Sariel.Group : SwordsmanCategory distinct knowledge : Knights associate , Knights valor , Wonderful ProportionKarna thanked his actors which he obtained enough time to degree up before carrying out the hiest.Person Brand : Karna----Rudra known as along the stat board-----Catechist - A Triumph Of Souls Tier : 1Install : Greyish Wolf( The hiest staff , within a mountain / hill variety in Nineclouds empire )LVL:43A Traitor's Wooing The AI had measured the rate of success for that objective at under 2Percent , for this reason the SSS ranking , plus it was created on the spot , and all of Rudra's activities was completely in step with the sport , he was obviously a legitimately skilled competitor.Rudra possessed aldready ditched thinking about saving the 50 tribesman , the gears on his brain rotated at 100 % quickness as he idea of plans to save lots of the boy of archangel sariel.

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