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Thank you for choosing to enroll in our BYM platform. BYM which is an acronym for "Build Your Money" is a platform that grows your money ascendingly with zero risks.

Our goal is to build your money within a short period of time, thereby, placing you on a profit-making ladder.

Apart from your assured interest, there shall be periodic profit bonuses that would accrue for you based on the amount you invested and duration. Meanwhile, these bonuses become effectual only at the management’s discretion.

Your security is 100% guaranteed as we shall at your request, pay you directly from your BYM Account Dashboard. Alternatively, especially for local investors, we shall give you a POST-DATED CHEQUE with which you would withdraw both your capital and interest on the expiration of your plan. For those going for this option, a one-week notice must be sent to us before the expiration date of your cheque. This preempts us to authorize payment upon presentation.

All transactions are to be executed digitally. Thus, no physical cash is allowed in BYM platform.

Although optional, we may need you to come to our office during enrolment. The reason for this is for our financial team to educate you more on BYM investment.






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Thank you.

We look forward to achieving great things with you.



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