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  • Full name: blackwellpeters39
  • Location: Ohafia, Niger, Nigeria
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  • User Description: When you are considering buying a new property it is important to consider any work which needs done onto it before you can consider it a comfortable house. Very few of us would think of moving into a fresh property without making at least some minor changes to the decoration, but I'd like to focus on those cases what your location is looking at investing in a house which needs some major work done on it.Some of the factors which you need to consider include:- Time to obtain the work done. I am certain that living in a building site isn't section of your plans. However, underestimating the amount of time that renovations will take is a common error, and many people find themselves limited to one room, living in an onsite caravan or staying with relatives for months at a time.- Which jobs to start with? This is where it is vital that you consider your priorities in the redevelopment of the house. Sure, it would be nice to possess a fantastic garden and a fully equipped bathroom, but are those the primary things you need to make it a livable home as fast as possible? Consider which rooms you consider essential to make you and your family comfortable in the place; usually the kitchen, the toilet and a minumum of one bedroom.- How much will it cost? It is the crucial question, and the key to how much work is performed and how quickly. You should look to get yourself a builder's quote immediately, preferably before you even invest in buying the place. In case you plan to do most of the work yourself you need to still get experienced, recommended tradesmen to provide their opinion, because they might see something you have overlooked or offer you some great advice.- How much DIY? In most cases, I would always turn to call in the builders for the big, heavy jobs or where a quality finish is needed. When you have enough time and the inclination then there will be plenty of jobs that can be done on a DIY basis; painting, sanding, adding curtains, sorting out plants, arranging furniture, cleaning windows. Many of these jobs may seem insignificant but they can take up more time than you imagine and burdening yourself with other jobs on top of these may prove too stressful or frustrating.

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