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  • User Description: Lovelyfiction - Chapter 131 - Engagement thoughtless taste suggest-p3Novel-My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion-My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium SeclusionChapter 131 - Engagement precious food“Today, so long as your Dragon Race has a step out of Kunlun, you will not be a invitee of Kunlun.”Mo Zhengdong looked at Jiang Lan abandon. He didn’t know if Jiang Lan appreciated this marital life or maybe not.But whether he appreciated her or perhaps not was one more topic.At this moment, a sword intent soared within the sky.If it was, the proposal would not have an impact on him whatsoever.The lighting in the hall was almost completely altered.“The case of mastering collection formations will be established three years after. For the upcoming 3 years, test for additional information information concerning range formations. I will give you to the Fifth Summit in the event the time will come.” Stated Mo Zhengdong.A Young Mutineer “He’s still younger. He should be age where he prefers people who find themselves really. If it is so, it shouldn’t certainly be a issue.”…It turned out as if they can begin a warfare with the dragons whenever you want.“However, Martial Aunt with the Fifth Summit is absolutely domineering.”christmas every day lyrics With this morning, the lighting previously mentioned Kunlun dimmed, and 2 dragons remaining Kunlun.Mo Zhengdong observed Jiang Lan leave behind. He didn’t determine Jiang Lan wanted this marital relationship or otherwise not.Was she going to make an opponent out from the Dragon Race or maybe begin a warfare?The obligation she bore was too great.“However, Martial Aunt on the 5th Summit is absolutely domineering.”He could still need a somewhat peaceful living for the following 5 years.Performed she imply that provided that the Dragon Competition dared to leave, there would no longer be home for negotiation?When they created calmness, he would be engaged to Ao Longyu. If the negotiation fell by means of, he would be required to join the conflict from the Dragon Race.At this point, a sword objective soared in the sky.Jiang Lan shook his brain. He didn’t be aware of the information.Right now, Jiang Lan was placed in the sq . during the most important hall. He was looking through a magazine and making time for light above.A sharp sound rang out, like some thing obtained shattered.Every thing given back to normalcy.“Master.” Jiang Lan known as out.flower demon inn Rage. This became Jiang Lan’s initially imagined.bao bao won't die easily Comparatively speaking, he have also been sleeping.This has been excellent news.Observing his excel at in this way, he understood that there was no not so good news.“It may seem like you no doubt know the effect,” Mo Zhengdong believed to Jiang Lan.Almost everything came back to normal.Viewing his master in this way, he recognized that there was no bad news.Jiang Lan shook his go. He didn’t know the specifics.There is no sound in the morning.Every little thing delivered to normalcy.“Master.” Jiang Lan named out.

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