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  • User Description: Brilliantfiction 《Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet》 - Chapter 2157 frame wave reading-p3Novel-Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet-Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetChapter 2157 six delicious“I don't already have it,” the taciturn Iceberg Male finally uttered around this precious special occasion.“Tykes, you've changed…” Ye Wanwan viewed the group having an aggrieved expression and sighed exasperatedly.“I don't already have it,” the taciturn Iceberg Mankind finally uttered at this beneficial function.“It's unlike it's a small business handle you,” Ye Wanwan replied.“Business deal…? What organization deal?! You will need to look after us more, superior!” Taoist Devotee hastily claimed.romance of roman villas in kent Ye Wanwan: “…” Freaking… you just were forced to mention that!“Forget about you—even I didn't know!” Apply of Fresh flowers also interjected.Their appet.i.te got received massive!“I won't hound you about the appreciate gu from before anymore… but just how about yourself sell off a few of your poison-immune gu to me…? I'll pay out a top rate! Identity a cost and that i won't blink or great deal. Say how many ten-hundreds you want!” Ye Wanwan possessed a significant concept.“So yummy… Today's a fortunate day time. I've never consumed dinner cooked by the Captain. I needed no clue the Captain got this kind of undetectable skill…” Brick-relocating Foreigner burped in total satisfaction.In a position such as Self-sufficient Condition, this gu was definitely a cherish, so Ye Wanwan were forced to get her on the job a couple of regardless how a lot she was required to shell out.She was the amazing matriarch of the Nie family, the director of your Fearless Alliance, the mistress of Asura, yet still she stated something similar to that without having a tip of embarra.s.sment?!In a very location much like the Impartial Express, this gu was definitely a jewel, so Ye Wanwan simply had to get her face to face several irrespective of how a lot she had to invest.“I won't hound you concerning the appreciate gu from before anymore… but exactly how about you sell off some of your poison-immune gu to me…? I'll pay a higher price! Label a cost plus i won't blink or discount. Inform me what number of ten-thousands you wish!” Ye Wanwan were built with a major manifestation.Earlier, they'd be overrun with pleasure with only a couple of hundred or simply a 1000, but this time, they weren't content by incorporating ten-thousands…Previously, they'd be overrun with happiness with only a few hundred or a thousand, the good news is, they weren't happy with some ten-thousands…Spray of Plants and Taoist Devotee's the ears perked up instantaneously.Recently, they'd be overrun with joy with just a couple of hundred or simply a thousands of, but this time, they weren't pleased by incorporating ten-thousands…“I don't already have it,” the taciturn Iceberg Man finally uttered at the worthwhile event.Ye Wanwan: “…” Freaking… you may were forced to mention that!the life of kit carson Ye Wanwan forgotten about Taoist Devotee and focused on Iceberg Gentleman once more. “Almighty one… your gu is pretty fearsome…”Taoist Devotee, Mist of Roses, along with the other individuals ended up dumbstruck. High price… won't bargain… the quantity of ten-thousands…the age of innocence ending explained One particular on her, a single for Tangtang, one for Si Yehan… It'd be fantastic if she could obtain more so she could equip the folks around her with it!“It's unlike it's an enterprise handle you,” Ye Wanwan responded.“I don't have it,” the taciturn Iceberg Guy finally uttered at this particular worthwhile situation.She wasn't pleased to consider she couldn't even find the money for a gu!“It's a similar since we're a team… Leader, if you should employ someone, you can't just retain the services of Gone Gentleman! We're a team—a one ent.i.ty. You have to work with every one of us or else… our total power won't be deployed and can fade significantly!” Taoist Devotee claimed.Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee TranslationsTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee TranslationsYe Wanwan's gaze landed on Iceberg Gentleman. “Um… How's that company option proceeding?”Ye Wanwan looked at the dining table, which appeared much like a vacuum had work over it, that has a dumbfounded term. Maintain eating… consume what?!Ye Wanwan looked over the dining room table, which checked similar to a vacuum got operate over it, using a dumbfounded concept. Always keep eating… try to eat what?!

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