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  • User Description: Amazingfiction The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage - Chapter 1213 - We Need An Answer From Her ultra trouble recommendation-p3Novel-The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage-The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageChapter 1213 - We Need An Answer From Her wander wayAlso, some interrogation methods have been ruthless.“Are you guys going after us from the Gu friends and family?” A clan comparative investigated Gu Jingyu and asked.Gu Jingze reported, “So, don’t think of lighlty pressing a strand of her your hair currently.”“There are no absolutes,” Gu Jingyu explained. “But that remedies beats other things on the globe. It had been produced from Second Brother’s exploration clinical and is particularly much more organic and natural. Usually, it will be able to management the heart strike. Death will likely not develop in a short time, at least.”“But Second Sibling would not enable himself being jeopardized so easily.”“Okay, all right. Just do it, An Lan. I won’t see you off now.”Gu Jingyu hesitated, then walked to her. “Don’t worry. Subsequent Brother will never enable something occur to you.”Gu Jingyu was anxious about her and promptly hurried over as well.On top of that, some interrogation methods were actually ruthless.Gu Jingyu said, “That’s correct. Simply because Grand daddy obtained for ages been their pillar of toughness and support, they rebelled against 2nd Brother since Grandaddy was about. They believed that there had been still pray. Considering that Grandpa is suddenly eliminated, these are generally obviously, nervous. These are generally anxious that whenever 2nd Sibling a.s.sumes the positioning as residence head, n.o.system will be able to quit him.”“Is Grandpa’s autopsy report out nevertheless?”“If he took medication, would it end the assault from finding worse for some?”Like two banded brothers, also, he shielded Lin Che just now and unceremoniously insulted the crowd. Watching from afar, his term was stern and pressing.Gu Jingze narrowed his vision. “Lin Che, let us go.”An Lan created her own deductions. Gu Jingze was so safety of Lin Che because they remaining. It has to happen to be something connected to Lin Che.She only saw lots of people huddled in the property. The robust guards of the Gu family members surrounded these people. It searched want it was a serious event.Why were definitely they so appropriate of Lin Che? Was she some saint?A clan comparative mentioned, “Fine, great. Should you males don’t allow us to interrogate her, you men are unfilial. Filial piety is exactly what we have to respect the most. You fellas actually don’t treasure your grandfather’s dying just to protect a female. We won’t take into consideration a residence go individuals.”Lin Che stroked her chin, considering what just occurred.“Exactly. This is getting out of fingers.”“You…”Considering that Gu Jingyu actually sided Lin Che, all people checked out Lin Che hatefully. This woman was actually a scourge.Lin Che mentioned, “It’s okay. You fellas don’t must be so concered about me possibly. I am just questioning why I used to be the very last individual to find out Grand daddy. I don’t think I claimed anything basically to him that will lead to a cardiac arrest. Moreover, we might identify that the medicine was just at the side. Why didn’t Grandaddy bring them?”“Was it a car accident? This indicates much too coincidental.”Gu Jingze narrowed his sight. “Lin Che, let’s go.”Gu Jingze would not permit them to take Lin Che gone for interrogation. Looking at the level of hatred that they had for Lin Che, they would probably utilize the tough technique on the.Lin Che reported, “It’s ok. You people do not really need to be so anxious about me both. I am just thinking why I used to be the final individual to determine Grandfather. I do not assume I stated nearly anything particularly to him that would cause a cardiac event. Moreover, we might identify that the treatments was just within the side. Why didn’t Grandpa drive them?”Lin Che explained, “It’s okay. You fellas don’t need to be so concerned with me frequently. I am just wanting to know why I found myself the last person to see Grandfather. I don’t assume I mentioned nearly anything for example to him which would set off a heart attack. Additionally, we might observe that the drugs was only within the part. Why didn’t Grandpa take them?”Just then, the nonchalant Gu Jingyu could no longer view from the sidelines. He withstood powering and heard what anyone said. He explained, “I believe that since n.o.entire body has proof, anyone shouldn’t strain her ahead of more and more people. I am with Lin Che. You fellas can’t think that she’s a murderer merely because she was the previous one who saw Grandpa. Not forgetting, Grandpa were built with a heart attack. He had not been murdered.”In any other case, along with the only person supporting them gone just as that, how were they going to uphold their placements?Gu Jingyu followed at the rear of. Once exterior, he converted back and asked, “You contact us unfilial? Why don’t you take a look on the vanity mirror? Not any of there is a say in doing my grandfather’s fatality in any respect.”Theory of the Earth She only observed many individuals huddled in the garden. The robust guards of your Gu family surrounded these individuals. It checked as if it was an urgent situation.An Lan designed her very own reductions. Gu Jingze was safety of Lin Che as they left behind. It should are already something connected with Lin Che.

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