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  • Full name: ShondaKinne
  • Phone: (21) 9500-3503
  • Cell phone: (21) 9500-3503
  • Address: Travessa Amaral 1875, Mesquita
  • Location: Bende, Kano, Brazil
  • Website:
  • User Description: My name's Shonda Kinne but everybody calls me Shonda. I'm from Brazil. I'm studying at the university (final year) and I play the Clarinet for 3 years. Usually I choose songs from my famous films :). I have two brothers. I love Photography, watching TV (Grey's Anatomy) and Kart racing. Should you have virtually any queries regarding wherever in addition to the best way to utilize Anna og Lotte – Georgs tisseprøve, you can e-mail us in the webpage.

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