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  • User Description: For many people, the question of where to donate furniture might come up at one point or another in their lives. It might be because they bought a used chair in their hometown and want to give it away or simply want to help someone in their neighborhood who is down and out. Maybe you are looking for ways to get rid of your excess wardrobe so that you can afford to replace everything with nicer, more useful pieces. There are agency why people choose to donate their old furniture to charities. To help you decide where to donate furniture, read on to learn some tips.Building Materials You can either donate your old building materials such as doors, windows, walls, flooring, cabinets and other solid materials to Habitat for Humanity. agency have two locations in New York where you can drop off your items for pickup. If you have appliances such as washing machines and dryers, visit Habitat's Westchester location or their Manhattan location and they will pick them up from there.Appliances You can also choose to make a good condition donation to Goodwill Industries. agency accepts most major appliances including televisions, washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers and more. Their warehouse is located in New Jersey and is opened to the public for furniture pickups on a regular basis. You may want to visit their New Jersey location near Bergen, NJ in order to make your furniture donation.Other Sources Another good place to go when looking for a good reason to make a furniture pickup is your local salvage yards. Salvage yards accept major appliances, furniture, clothes, and any other type of big item you can think of. Make sure that you check their hours of operation before making a trip there to pick something up. They will accept most types of donated goods, but you need to make sure that the items you pick are in working condition and will be sent off to the correct place.Commercial Credit The United Way also partners with different businesses in order to make their jobs easier. Habitat for Humanity accepts all major appliances and building supplies. The United Way headquarters is located in New York City and accepts major donations all year around. Other sources of donation include churches, colleges, the Red Cross, and soup kitchens. In order to receive these types of donations, you need to contact the United Way in advance.Donations To local charities is becoming an increasingly popular choice as well. Most people who live near a local charity are very familiar with the activities that take place there. People enjoy watching the volunteers and the work that go into picking up clothes or furniture. When you donate to charities, you are showing your support in a very direct way. This makes your donation town much more special.How To Contact Your Local Area Goodwill Industries, Santa Barbara and Reach Out America all offer some type of donation program. Reach Out America, in particular, has specific programs for seniors and single mothers. They have the staff to do custom pickups and some specialty jobs for those in wheelchairs. Goodwill offers job placement services in various cities and they also do some furniture donation picks.Where to Donate Furniture There are a number of different places to donate furniture to. One place to check is the United Way. Most people know of the places to donate prescription medicine, diapers, and clothing to the poor and homeless. But there are agency to donate to too. Consider doing some online searches to find out what good causes you can help with.

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