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  • Full name: ArmstrongMacPherson1
  • Location: Tsafe, Zamfara, Nigeria
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  • User Description: What affordable health insurance would you suggest for my uninsured 21-year old daughter?Son has Blue Cross however it is currently $137 each month...anyone it has gains that are similar and know of any similar insurance that's cheaper? It's only him... no kids wife. Thanks.Car Insurance Problem?Getting funny quotesNeed Advise On Auto Insurance?"My man and that I are planning to medical health insurance for our family and that I was wondering if any one knew of the good firm (in California) that has been affordable. He is 21"I have responsibility and that I was in a minor car wreck 8 weeks before. I must upgrade my insurance since the bank than loaned me cash for that car requires me to get thorough and impact insurance

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