Wheels Of The Future

The “wheel” is widely regarded as man’s greatest invention and we’ve been able to move well beyond leaps and bounds as a result. Can you imagine the last 3,000 years without wheels of any sorts? Pretty difficult, right? However, you might wanna start envisioning a future without or better put …

News & Trends

Have You Checked The Status Of Your Airbag?

For sometime now. There has been a massive recall of vehicles, in fact the largest of the automobile industry due to faulty Takata airbags that deploy inadvertently. This could be very dangerous as shrapnel could follow through upon deployment thereby causing harm to passengers. Below is a comprehensive list of …

Buyers Guide & Tips

Choosing Your First Car

We’ve all probably dreamt about what our first car would look/be like at one point in our lives since when we were little. However, when the time actually comes to make the purchase, reality surely does set in(unfortunately) but this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the process and I can …